Association of Marquis Families Coat of Arms

On April 27, 2008, at the Board of Directors meeting held at Rimouski, Québec, Jean-Marie Marquis presented the acquisition process for the Coat of Arms to be issued by Canada Heraldic Authority, in order to have official Coat of Arms for the Association of Marquis Families.

Following this presentation, discussions and recommendations where held on the containt of our Coat of Arms. Finaly, after voting, a resolution (Resolution CA – 2008-04-27.1) was adopted at unanimity in order to proceed with the Coat of Arms of the Association.

Considering that within the last 9 years, the Association of the Marquis Families wish to obtain the official heraldic coat of arms representing all Marquis families branches, That the concession of the heraldic armoirie, defined as an honor, provides recognition to the contribution of the community, in Canada and elsewhere, of the Marquis families; it was adopt :

1) to allow a budget of $2 000 for the concession and development of the coat of armd of the Marquis’ Association

2) to appoint our Chairman, Yvon Joubert and Jean-Marie Marquis, administrator, to represent the Association of Marquis Families Inc. with the heraldic Authority of Canada

On June 5, 2008, our Chairman Yvon Joubert and our Administrator Jean-Marie Marquis, met Dr. Claire Boudreau, Chief Herald of Canada and Mrs Karine Constantineau, Miramichi Herald, in the Chancellery of Honours within the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General, in Ottawa.

The objectives of this meeting was to present the recommendations of the Board of Directors of the AFM in order to elaborate the coat of arms and flag of the Association of Marquis Families Inc. and to handle documents required to proceed the concession process of our Arms, which includes the 3 following steps:

1. The conception of emblems under written shape,

2. Creation of preliminary drawing

3. Production of official patent letters.

Picture taken in front of the coat of arms of Canada Governors General


Karine Constantineau, Jean-Marie Marquis, Yvon Jouber and Dr. Claire Boudreau

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