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The Association of Marquis Families was born on May 23, 1999, in Charlesbourg, province of Quebec, when a group of 31 persons met in order to create an Association grouping together all direct descendants by alliance(wedding ring) or by filiation of Charles Marquis and Agnes Giguere.

The project of having an Association of Marquis Families was more than welcome within the participants. Twenty two member signed their right of membership and selected 9 members to become their first Board of Directors and Réal Marquis was elected Chairman of the new Association of Marquis Families. Following this meeting, members gave their approval to the proposed goals and objectives and to the rules that would be used to govern business and activities of the new Association.

The Association of Marquis Families first obtained their Legal existence the General Inspector of theFinancial Institutions of the Province of Quebec on June 7, 1999, registered under the number 3348614382 Québec. It was then incorporated on July 17, 2001 under the registration number 1160222247


• Promote to all persons identified under the patronymic Marquis and their affiliation, the existence of the Association.
• Promote Family Feeling and Brotherhood winthin the members of the Association and other families organisations.
• Favorite meetings within its members and their families, ensuring their presences, supports and assistances when the Association meets.

Goals & Objectives

Planify and organize meetings for the people identified under the patronymic Marquis, descendants of Charles Marquis and Agnès Giguère, Mar-Antoine Canac-Marquis, Joseph Dupuyau Marquis and all other branches, by alliance or by filliation or anyone who shows interest to Marquis families, in order to allow people to meet, to know each other and to develop brotherly links and friendship.

Promote and facilitate the gathering and conservation of all documentations concerning Marquis families, in order to establish (Constitute) the real history of our Ancestors.

Organize reunion with the aid of meetings, conferences, exhibitions, etc. Falicitating the promotion, development and popularization of history and genealogy or any other subjets concerning the Marquis families and their descendants.

Conceive and publish a periodic bulletin for its Association members, reflecting results of its researches into genealogy and histories of the Marquis, and informations supplied by its members like conferences, travels and meetings, etc, in order to inform members in the ongoing activities and life of the association.

Organize group travels to visit other Marquis and their lands and exchange informations on their habits and customs in order to enhance brotherhood within the Marquis families and their futur generations.

Conceives, develop and promote elements of common identity like: Abbreviations, Coat of Arms, Heraldery, Flags, Pins, Songsof rallying, etc.

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Advantages of being a member

• Free subscription to the quarterly bulletin “La Voix des Marquis”, in which we find genealogy, histories of Marquis families, life of our Ancestors, informations on the Association activities, news, old pictures, discovery of our roots,etc.

•Opportunity to participate in growth and the evolution of the Association.

•Participate to the reunions of the Association, select your Administrators, the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting on decisions and orientations of the Association displayed by the Board of Directors.

•Participate to all the social activities of the Association like: Families reunions, conferences, trips, rassemblements de familles, conférences, voyages, commemoration of our ancestors, etc.

•Access to a service of mutual aid and research in genealogy and in history.

Annual Fee

Your annual fee as Member of the Association is used to pay printing fee for mailings and bulletins, postage fees and all other activities of the Association.

Individual Membership 20.00$
Member & Spouse 25.00$.
Student 5.00$
Life Membrship 300.00$

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To become a member…

… and any other questions or informations related to the Association, communicate to the following adress or email your informations to one of the three following members :

L’Association des Familles Marquis
Case postale 34001, Charlesbourg
(Québec) G1G 6P2


Yvon Marquis-Joubert, Chairman,
Jocelyne Marquis, Vice-Chairwoman
Jean-Marie Marquis, Webmaster